Montreal Daily News.
Volume 1/number 175

Father, son going for (bronze)bust.
By Pierre Goad.

THE HISTORY of Montreal will be busting out all over if Paul Lancz get their way. Paul , 69, master sculptor, and his son ,Peter 31, master salesman , want to cast famous Montreal’s in bronze and put the city’s history on display for current and future generations to see. " I don’t make the sculptures for me, but for history, " Paul said. " As a sculptor I am teaching people history in my own way. That’s the whole theory behind this idea of a Montreal pantheon.’’ The dictionary says a pantheon is a temple dedicated to the gods, or a public building dedicated to the great men and women of a nation. Paul and Peter Lancz ‘s dream is of more modest dimensions.

Hungary native

An area in an existing public building would do just fine as a place where a series of bronze busts of great Montrealers could be put on permanent display . A native of Hungary who came to Canada after the 1956 uprising , Paul said he’s influenced by European ideas. " When I was growing up in Hungary there was sculpture all around. If they open a school in Hungary , any public building , they put in a sculpture . That idea is completely missing here. Trained as a sculptor, Paul went into the picture-framing business after arriving in Canada, and until five years ago, sculpture commissions were few and far between . The past few years have seen a bronze bust boom of sorts.

Recent work

Cardinal Leger , Dr. Armand Frappier, Senator Paul David , tycoon Alexis Nihon, real estate developer Rene Lepin e and his wife, and Jean Paul Morin, founder of Lasalle College, are some of Lancz’s recent works. Peter Lancz is one reason the sculpture business has picked up. A few years back Peter went door-to-door in Westmount selling his father’s paintings, a sideline to his portrait sculpting , and managed to pick up a couple of bust commissions. These days Peter has given up the door-to-door selling and pitches sculpture by letter and in meetings. This spring a bust Paul did of former Quebec premier Daniel Johnson will be unveiled. And while Peter works to line up a site and the money to get a full-fledged pantheon off the ground , Paul has his eyes on two powerful faces: former Quebec premier Rene Levesque and former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.