The Toronto Globe and Mail

Subject: Remarks made by former Mayor of Toronto , Nathan Phillips, upon seeing the final bronze of himself.

The former mayor has a denful of reminders of those years in office- 30 framed Macpherson cartoons ("That fella has a marvelous needle in his pen"), framed color photographs of him with Pope Pius, Pope John, Pope Paul, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, Prince Phillip, and a bust of Nate cast in bronze by Paul Lancz in 1960 of which he is particularly fond- fond in his own special. "Look what a great job he did", he says, pulling off his eyeglasses and adjusting them across the nose and over the ears of the bust, pushing at them to make them fit. "See this" says Nathan Phillips proudly . "He almost got me perfect, Good, eh". He stands back and blinks at his own bronze likeness adorned in askew glasses , and unpretentious man who never hurt a fly.