Portrait sculpture is the most complex of art forms. Whereas painting is two dimensional, sculpting is three dimensional . Portrait sculpting at its highest level aims not only to capture a resemblance, but more importantly strives to depict a subject’s character ,philosophy and inner world,.

All faces have varying degrees of beauty and nobility. This however, in not readily apparent in most faces. Herein lies Mr. Lancz’s forte. With great deftness , he brings to the fore , the classical lines, the noble aspect; in other words those traits which make every face a work of art. An ordinary face becomes beautiful. The high artistic excellence embodied in Mr. Lancz’s classic representations transforms the expression from the mundane to the divine.

A bust is seldom desired by the subject him or herself. A person’s portrait is done for his or her family members. A wife commissions a bust of her husband for an anniversary , a retirement or vice-versa; children of their parents, grandparents or vice_versa.

It is a unique and profound feeling to behold the distinctive features of one’s beloved, eternally etched in bronze. The significance of this increases immeasurably over time,its true value evidenced 10,25 and 100 years later.

Descendants will say with pride, that the bust of father, or grand mother was created by the sculptor Paul Lancz. Some of his past works include the busts of John F. Kennedy , Cardinal Paul Leger or former mayor of Toronto , Nathan Phillips.


Among those who warrant an immortalization in bronze are: eminent researchers; scientists ; authors; outstanding entrepreneurs etc…In summary, al those who contribute to the betterment of mankind. It is both our duty and necessity to immortalize these people for posterity. An individualportrait is done for a city; a country and ultimately mankind. The ’s significance of this endeavor increases immeasurably over time, its true value evidenced 10,25, and 100years later. Mankind has for time immemorial erected memorials of paid homage to the outstanding few. The well executed portrait bust is the most effective vehicle to evince a person’s motivating characteristics , convictions , legacy , guiding beliefs and principles.

Portrait sculpting’s visual impact renders it an even more poignant reminder of the dignity of man, than does the biography. As a rule, a bust placed in an interior ie: museum,, hall , room, lobby etc…should be life-sized. That for an exterior; park , boulevard, public building, etc… should be 8 to 16 times life-sized.Portrait sculpting reaffirms the perennial truth of the adage: " History is our best teacher."